9 Card Angel Card Life’s Journey Reading

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Are you looking for guidance, reassurance, or some peaceful insights?

Connect to your angels with this nine-card spread. This spread will speak to what’s going on in your mind, your heart, and what might be keeping you stuck. We will unfold a story about your recent past, present, and future.

By using your name and where you live, I will ask that your angels connect with you through me and show me the cards that you’re meant to see. You will receive an email from me within 72 hours with a picture of your Angel cards and a voice memo explaining your cards to you.

Be open to receiving your cards and they will help guide you. Xo


All angel card readings are unique to you. Angel card readings are a way for your angels to connect with you and show you what they want you to see. All readings are positive and meant to inspire and or guide you.

Once you receive your reading sit with your reading for a while and really let it digest in your mind. You will find that your reading will carry on with you for days and even months to come. Some find them instantly inspirational and some realize the reading was showing them something that was coming.

Experience the magic of your Angels and allow them to help you on your journey.

**Due to the nature of this service there are no refunds*

For Your Angel Card Reading

Once you have checked out please set any intentions that you'd like your angels to receive. Just speak to them and ask them what you'd like to see come out in your reading.

You will receive your angel card reading in 72 hours.

Warm wishes,

1 review for 9 Card Angel Card Life’s Journey Reading

  1. Tina Cochrane (verified owner)

    I have to say I thought that this would be just fun and inspiring but this is WAY more accurate then I expected it to be. I’m beyond impressed! You are so knowledgeable and well spoken.
    I feel more in tuned with myself, more aware of my situation, hopeful and inspired since having this reading done.
    It was much needed for me and give me peace and puts things into perspective.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

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