90 Day Journal

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  • Beautiful Mind Growth Mindset Journal Cover and Inside pages

    Beautiful Mind 90 Day Journal


    Our minds create our reality, and with this book, you will be able to practice your daily gratitudes; I am affirmations and write out your to-do list every day.

    This will help you start each day with the right mindset and create a plan that allows you to feel happier and determined, all while getting things done.

    I am so excited for you!

    Looking for the digital version?

  • Digital 90 Day Mindset Journal

    Beautiful Mind 90 Day Journal – Digital Version ( Fillable PDF )


    You can print this book out and fill it out or fill it out using Adobe on any device.

    This 90-day journal will allow you to unleash the power behind a strong and positive mindset while getting things done that you need to do.

    What You Get:

    • 90 pages for your daily gratitudes, affirmations, and your to-do list.
    • A list of I am affirmations that you can use, with room for you to add your own.
    • Affirmations that you can recite every day and room for you to write down your own.
    • Several Notes pages for you to write down anything that speaks to your soul.

    This will keep you focused on your mindset so that you can unleash the positive power of the universe. By following this 90-day routine, you will see your life change. You will be open to opportunities you might not have noticed before. You will start to see more and more positive things around you. You will feel happier, determined, and open to the wonders this life has to offer.

    If you’d like a paperback copy of this book it’s also available for you to purchase. The physical copy of this book was created for you to color the beautiful flowers within this book. Colouring is a relaxing way to unwind and let your mind relax.

    No matter what version you choose I hope you will love it and you will find it brings you more positivity, clarity, and motivation to go after your dreams.